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Yael Bar Zohar (Hebrew: יעל בר זוהר‎; born January 29, 1980) is a sexy Israeli actress. Bar Zohar was born in Tel Aviv. She started her modeling career in a bathing suits catalogue and a commercial at the age of 15. Her breakthrough came when she was cast for a leading role in the popular soap opera Ramat Aviv Gimmel.

Yael Bar Zohar Yael Bar Zohar Photos

She then turned to modeling and was the leading poster girl for various Israeli firms. She modeled for the undergarment company Pilpel, and became a leading sex icon in Israel. Some Israeli artists wrote songs glorifying her large breasts, that became her trademark at the time. She made her musical theater debut in the Israeli play Mary-Lou, based on songs by Israeli singer Svika Pick. In 2005, she starred as Belle in the Israeli premiere of Beauty and the Beast.

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