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Fathers-4-Justice Presents


MARCH (JULY 26, 2009)



Parental Justice March



July 26, 2009



Washington DC

Beginning at Upper Senate Park at 9AM

Ending near the National Christmas Tree with a short speaking event (Noon)



Parental Rights should be PROTECTED and RESPECTED by ALL

***be sure to bring one or two bottled waters and your sign supporting parents rights.



Parental Rights should be

respected and protected!

For more information contact the

event organizer:

Donald Tenn

(916) 838-6291

National Fatherless Day Rally

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fatherless day rally1 National Fatherless Day Rally

Fatherless Day Rally

The National Fatherless Day Rallys are going on Friday June 19th at State Capitol buildings across the nation.

The yearly event was started by Fathers4Justice to bring awareness to the plight of fatherless children and parents that have been denied a relationship with their children and to demand a change to the corruption commonly called family law. Click for more information on Parental Alienation.

Sponsors include F4J, A Childs Right, Dads of Michigan, PAAO-US, Live Beat Dads, Families4Justice and United Civil Rights Councils of America.

A note from Donald Tenn, “EVERYONE is invited! Bring the kids. After all, this is for them!” Donald is a devoted father and a family rights activist and one of the organizers of the rallies.

For more information contact….
Donald Tenn
Brian Holladay
Fred Schuler

Fathers4Justice Protesters Still On Crane In Ohio

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SuperHero Dads make NBC News today!
Story from Laurie Omness
crane Fathers4Justice Protesters Still On Crane In Ohio
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Will they still be there at Christmas?

Two men protesting for fathers’ custody rights say they will still be perched atop a crane if by Christmas Governor Ted Strickland and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have not investigated the court system, which protesters said is biased against dads.

daddy Fathers4Justice Protesters Still On Crane In Ohio

Paul Fisher and his daughter in Washington DC at the DCFestival 2008

Camped a top a crane near Ohio State University, Fathers 4 Justice members Paul Fischer, of Ohio, and Donald Tenn, of California, told NBC 4’s Matt Alvarez that they have enough food to last “as long as they need.”

The fathers said they will come down when the governors from both states agree to a non-partisan investigation into the family court system in their respective states.

As far as potty breaks are concerned, the men told NBC 4 they have a bucket.

Paul and Donald have been involved in the Parental Rights movement for years and have gone to great lengths long before now to help bring change to the court.

Even though Paul and I had an arguement last week over one of my posts (lol), I still am glad to call both of them my friends.
GET INVOLVED? Here’s what you can do….

Call, write or click to email!
Governor Ted Strickland
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108
Phone: (614) 466-3555
Fax: (614) 466-9354
Contact the Governor
Constituent Helpline: (614) 644-4357

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160


Paul Fisher is in Franklin County Jail. He is expected to be released
within the hour. He was arraigned this morning at 9am. Charge is
Felony Vandalism, which is much more severe than misdemeanor

For more information or to support our POLITICAL PRISIONER please
contact :614-462-3368 or their website….

Donald Tenn Remains perched atop Columbus. F4J Supporters onsite
report Police are Mobilizing to remove Donald and seize the crane by
force, which may occur within the next few hours. This is a very
serious turn of events, and we all would like to avoid a dangerous
hostile confrontation several hundred feet above the earth.

Update! September 30, 2008-9:45 pm Central

This just in from Drew Baden

I just hung up the phone from speaking with Paul Fisher. He is safe, healthy, hungry and has been released on his own recognizance. He is eating a meal this moment with Keith Owen, Steve, and Kathy.

His arraignment is scheduled for October 14 at 9:30am. He has been ordered to stay away from OSU.

He wanted me to pass along that the OSU police/security were supportive and very polite, and they allowed him to eat dinner before being taken into custody. I believe he mentioned that an activist, Terry Key, bought him dinner. He wanted me to mention that the OSU Varsity Club restraunt was very supportive as well.

Paul mentioned that he was treated with great respect until he was taken to the county jail where he was shoved in a cell with a murder suspect. He mentioned to me that even the murder suspect was upset that the county put him in the same cell!

Donald Tenn is down and is being taken into custody as well. No further details are available at this time.
I cannot thank these superheros enough, along with John Fowler, Keith Owen, and you all.
Drew Baden

Ken Maddox,

I have written more on this story and have more information and video at this link CLICK HERE

Fathers4Justice Activists on Top of Crain at Ohio Football Game

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donald and madison tenn Fathers4Justice Activists on Top of Crain at Ohio Football Game

Donald Tenn with his daughter Madison

This just in from Terry Stoddard of

Fathers4Justice Activists Atop Crane In Ohio
September 27, 2008

Donald Tenn is a man of conviction. Since the day I met him, one thing, and one thing alone has guided his every move. Tenn is a Daddy who misses and worries about his daughter Madison every moment of every day.

Madison and Tenn are victims of Madison’s mother Shannon and the disaster called the family court system. Shannon illegally abducted Madison from California to Illinois. When she learned the law would make her return Madison, she immediately filed false allegations of domestic violence against Tenn. As I described here and here, not only has Madison’s mother broken the law, she’s being rewarded for her actions.

Today he took his cause to new heights. Tenn, from California, in a Spiderman suit and Paul Fisher, from Ohio, in a Batman suit, both members of Fathers4Justice, are currently atop a 100 foot crane outside the Ohio Stadium in Columbus. They’ve unfurled a 40 foot banner that says STOP THE WAR ON FATHERS.

There are at least 100,000 people passing underneath on their way to the Ohio State football game. Tenn describes at least 100 police, sheriff and SWAT officers gathering below. He adds that a police helicopter keeps buzzing very close by.

When asked to comment, John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J said, ”These fathers have waited years for change. Their pleas have fallen of deaf ears when all they are asking for is to be able to love a raise their children. Why should children be denied the right to have two loving parents?”

Tenn has spent the last couple of years volunteering as a board member and California coordinator for Fathers4Justice. Fathers 4 Justice originated in the UK a few years ago. Founder Matt O’Connor recently announced he was shutting down his group, again. There are now F4J branches in several countries including Canada, where family rights activists Rob Robinson (Batman) and Kris Titus (Wonderwoman) regularly make the news with similar stunts.

Describing the phone calls he receives at all hours of the day Tenn says, “We get dozens of new members every month, just from California.” “Each parent thinks their case is unique. They don’t realize that I’ve heard the same story hundreds of times.”

He says he understands that they need to get it off their chests. “And fathers aren’t the only parents who are victims,” he adds, “mothers and grandparents call me too.” It’s estimated that by 2010 one quarter of America’s noncustodial parents will be female.

Tenn says making any parent “noncustodial” is wrong. Unless they’ve been convicted of a crime or don’t want to be part of their child’s life. He even says he wants Shannon to have equal access to Madison, after she gets out of jail.

Shared parenting and shared custody are supported by over 85% of the population. Why then can’t these parents and legislators get laws passed to guarantee equal parental rights to all fit parents? The answer is very simple. There are “protective mother” groups who are financially and politically supported by feminist and domestic violence organizations.

They often use lies and debunked “facts” to convince legislators that passing these laws will hurt children. As I described here I watched as they lied under oath to derail AB1305, the 2005 California shared parenting bill. Less than 5% of divorces are high conflict. Sixty to eighty percent of all domestic violence charges are found to be unnecessary or false. Isn’t it time to have laws that fit the facts?

Most families would benefit from shared parenting. Studies show it actually reduces conflict. When confronted about the controversial nature of the demonstration Mr. Fowler replied “What would you be willing to do if a corrupt court denied you access to your children?”

Thank You Terry for this Story.
Here’s the video.

UPDATE!! September 28, 2008 at 5pm Central time.

For Immediate Release F4J USA men of steel will stay atop crane at Ohio State University ‘indefinitely’ . International Media Release Columbus, OH Ohio State University Buckeye fans yesterday witnessed the aerial accomplishments of Fathers-4-Justice (F4J) superheroes Spiderman and Batman. Though the football game has finished and fans have headed home, 36 hours later, the Superhero Duo of Superman and Spiderman remain solid in their resolve.

Perched 100′ up on a construction crane and stringing a banner reading “Stop the War on Fatherhood”, the superheroes, Donald Tenn of California and Paul Fisher of Ohio are continuing the long F4J tradition of ‘climbing mountains’ for their children.

The pair have vowed to remain in place until Governor Strickland of Ohio and Governor Schwarzenegger of California initiate investigations into gender biases in family courts. With business set to resume on the campus construction site tomorrow AM pressure is expected to increase on the pair to abandon their action. ” What else is there to lose?” says Donald Tenn, F4J US California Coordinator. The men are equipped with food and water for several days. Pictures and video are available at A special communique is planned for all F4J Fathers 4 Justice international leaders.

UPDATE!! September 28, 2008 at 6:12pm Central time.

from Brian Holladay
Columbus, Ohio – September 28, 2008 –Fathers camped on the crane in Columbus make demands to Governor Strickland and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Still camped a top a crane near Ohio State University, Fathers 4 Justice members Paul Fischer , of Ohio and Donald Tenn of California released their demands. The dad’s, dressed as super heroes released their demands to Ohio’s Governor Strickland and California’s Governor Schwarzenegger.

The fathers say, they will come down when the Governors from both states agree to a non partisan investigation into the family court system in their respective states. They insist that the investigation answers the questions; why is there gender bias in the family court system and why is there no perjury for false allegations?

“These fathers want and deserve answers,” says,

Fathers 4 Justice, national board member, Brian Holladay, “They are up there making a statement for everyone who has suffered at the hands of the family courts. Nobody recognizes that fathers can’t see their childern. Rediculous visitation schedules, un-inforced court orders and parential allienation along with false allegations create the problem. We need to stop this now.”

When asked to comment, John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J said, ”These fathers have waited years for change. Their pleas have fallen of deaf ears. All they are asking for is to be able to love and raise their children. Why should children be denied the right to have two loving parents?”

Fisher and Tenn want answers, but they know the problems within the family courts extends throughout the United States.

The news of the situation in Columbus has spread across the US and Canada like wild fire. Web sites and blogs are flooded with pictures from the scene and comments of support for the fathers.

Chris Smith, US Media coordinator for F4J said, “My phone is ringing off the hook and my e-mail is swamped with agencies who want the most up-to-dated information from the scene.

Contact Info:
Chris Smith
Media Coordinator
Tel: 440-749-2790

John Fowler

National Coordinator
Tel: 614-309-5572
For more information go to: