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Nikki Reed loves to portray sexually promiscuous teenagers, including her character in Lords of Dogtown. In early 2006, she appeared on the series The O.C., playing Sadie, a new love interest for the character Ryan Atwood. Reed noted she disagreed with the “trendy and shallow things” that The O.C. promoted, and that she appeared in the series only on the advice of her agents.

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Coincidentally, Reed appeared on The O.C. at the same time as later Twilight co-stars Cam Gigandet and Jackson Rathbone. Gigandet and Reed shared a brief scene together in which it was implied that their characters had a past relationship.

One of her most distinctive roles was in Mini’s First Time, which received a limited release in the United States on July 14, 2006. In the film, Reed played a teenager who, through seduction, involves her stepfather in a plot to murder her mother.

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