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A Sexy Photo Gallery of hot asian Midori Yamasaki including Photos Pictures bikini pics and Midori Yamasaki bio. posted in asians
Midori Yamasaki (sometimes spelt Yamazaki) 山崎みどり is one of the most popular and beautiful race queens and magazine models today. This sexy 23 year old from Koichi prefecture is a race queen with Zent Sweeties.

Midori Yamasaki Midori Yamasaki Photos

She?s also been the image girl for Tokyo Auto Gallery and Tokyo Auto Salon as well as Suzuka 8 and JOMO. She appears on car/race queen cable show CarGal.tv along side other race queens Hanae Kato かとうはなえ and Yumi Andou. She has 3 DVDs, Excellent, Sparkle and Glamorous.

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