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The list of hot Russian female stars continues to grow; already including Anna Kournikova , Maria Sharapova, Anna Semenovich, Elena Bovina, and Yelena Dementyeva, you can now add Maria Verchenova to the ever growing list.

This brunette bombshell golfer was born on 03/27/86 in Moscow, Russia, and has since taken the world by storm not only with her good looks but her ability to grip a golf club. In 2004 she won the Russian Amateur Championship and did the same again in 2006.

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In 2007 she qualified for the Ladies European Tour (LET), and has since cashed in all but one “regular” tour event she’s played so far. Verchenova has also recently qualified to play in the upcoming Women’s British Open.

Maria Verchenova is already being tagged as the next Maria Sharapova of tennis.

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