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Lea Gabrielle’s first job? Fighter Pilot.
Lea Gabrielle joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter for Shepard Smith Reporting. Lea Gabrielle is hot so she will fit right in at Fox News! She has been a military reporter for KNSD, the NBC owned station in San Diego. Before that, she was a digital journalist in the Washington bureau of NBC News. I’m really looking forward to building this gallery as Lea’s hot, sexy, and leg photos start coming in!

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Lea Gabrielle sexy legs crossed 600x912 Lea Gabrielle

Lea Gabrielle is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy who served as a fighter pilot and intelligence operations officer in the U.S. Navy from 1997-2009. She flew a single-seat, carrier-based F18 in combat operations and was later deployed with a U.S. Special Operations team as an intelligence officer supporting combat missions.

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