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Kerri Kasem (born 12 July 1978) is an American radio and television host. She is the daughter of the radio host Casey Kasem.
Kerri was a reporter/host on E!, is a host on UFC, and a host on SiTV’s The Rub. In 2003, Kerri was a contestant on the ESPN reality show, Beg, Borrow & Deal.

Kerri Kasem Kerri Kasem Photos

Kasem was picked as a co-host for the Premiere Radio Networks shows Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown, alongside famous bass guitarist Nikki Sixx, which began in early 2010. In doing so, she effectively follows in her father Casey’s footsteps, as Casey’s countdown shows were also syndicated through Premiere until his retirement in July 2009.

Kasem was also a reporter/host for the E! Channel, hosting “Coming Attractions” and many award shows. She was the creator and producer of KLSX radio program “2 Chicks and Bunny” which she left to do her morning show in Las Vegas.

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