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A Sexy Photo Gallery of Katrina Bowden including Photos Pictures bikini pics and Katrina Bowden bio. Katrina Bowden is best known for her role as Cerie on 30 Rock.

Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden Photos

In April 2011, Bowden was voted as Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive. She was also the face of the Jordache television campaign that made its premiere in September 2011. In April 2011, Universal Pictures announced that Bowden was cast as the role of Mia, an “L.A. party girl type”, and girlfriend to Chris Klein’s character, in the fourth installment of the American Pie film trilogy, American Reunion. The film was released on April 5, 2012 to mixed reviews but financial success. Also in 2012, Bowden appeared in Piranha 3DD.

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