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Kate Beckinsale is a smoking hot English actress. Her best known films include Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, Underworld, The Aviator, Van Helsing, Click, Nothing But the Truth and WhiteOut.

Beckinsale is Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2009. She is signed to Independent Models in London. As of 2009, Beckinsale’s movies have grossed a total of $801,678,915 in the US. In February 2010 was announced she will return in the Underworld Franchise.

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She has reported in interviews that the only time she stopped smoking was while she was pregnant with her daughter Lily. Her daughter has acted, portraying a young version of her mother in most roles, including Underworld: Evolution and Everybody’s Fine. During the Underworld shoot, Beckinsale split from Sheen, who was also starring in the film. She became involved with the director of the film, Len Wiseman. In June 2003, Beckinsale became engaged to Wiseman, and the two were married on 9 May 2004 in Bel-Air, California.

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