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Jill Dobson is the smoking hot Entertainment Correspondent for Fox News Channel, the #1-rated cable news network in the nation we often see showing off her sexy legs on Redeye.

Jill Dobson Sexy Legs Jill Dobson Photos

Jill has reported LIVE from the Academy Awards red carpet, and has interviewed celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Madonna. Jill hosts the online talk show, The Strategy Room, daily from 12-1pmET.

“She is so hot that when dogs go in heat, it’s called going in to Jill Dobson” Greg Gutfeld.

Jill Dobson grew up in the one-stoplight village of Quincy, Michigan. She earned her journalism degree from Troy University, and her master’s from Michigan State. She started out as a news reporter for CBS affiliates. Jill Dobson has shared celebrity news on The Today Show, CBS Early Show, E! News and more.

Today she is the Entertainment Correspondent for Fox News Channel.

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