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Danielle Nicole Panabaker (born September 19, 1987) is an American actress. She was a cast member in the CBS drama Shark, and appeared in the films Mr. Brooks, Sky High, and Friday the 13th, among other projects. She is best known to younger audiences for her roles in the Disney Channel films Stuck in the Suburbs and Read It and Weep along with her younger sister Kay.

Danielle Panabaker Danielle Panabaker Photos

Panabaker co-starred in two widely released theatrical films, Sky High and Yours, Mine and Ours. Her next role will be in the film Home of the Giants, opposite Ryan Merriman and Haley Joel Osment. She also had a supporting role in the film Mr. Brooks opposite Kevin Costner. In the Disney Channel original movie Read It and Weep, she plays “Is”, an alternate version of Jamie, who is played by her sister Kay. Panabaker was added to the cast of the CBS television drama pilot Shark, as “Julie Stark”, the main character’s daughter. She had a regular role in the series, which ran for two years. Although she sometimes only appeared in a scene or two an episode, and was absent from three episodes in the series run, she was second billed only to James Woods.

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