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Cerina Vincent is an American actress best known for playing the Yellow Ranger Maya in the television series Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy and a naked foreign exchange student in Not Another Teen Movie. She is considered a scream queen.

In 2001 Vincent appeared in the feature film spoof Not Another Teen Movie as the foreign exchange student Areola, and spends the entire film nude. The character was a spoof of Shannon Elizabeth’s character, Nadia, in American Pie (1999). She says that being nude in the movie made her feel much more comfortable with her body.

Cerina Vincent Cerina Vincent Photos

Cerina Vincent appeared in a 2009 documentary Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror. Vincent has written some movie scripts, but admitted in a recent interview that whether or not they will be produced into films remains to be seen. Vincent wrote her first book in 2007, How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, with co-writer Jodi Lipper.

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