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Feisty, Daring, Outlandish, and Goofy are the best words to sum up my personality. I can go from two extreme polar opposites; there’s the fun loving life of the party Camille who tells the worst jokes and is the only person in the room laughing and there’s my alter ego AKA Vixen.

Camille Washington Camille Washington Photos

Vixen is aggressive, confrontational and very hot headed. Either way I’m a very black and white person; you either love me or hate me. I would say that my best and worst quality is that fact that I am very honest. I even hate to tell white lies. Trust me you’re not doing anyone a favor by being dishonest.

Camille Washington
Lies catch up to you in the long run so its best to just be straight forward. In my free time if I’m not listening to music I’m probably eating. I give off a very girly persona but when I eat its over, I’m like a beast! I love Mexican and Italian food so if you want to shut me up just feed me and I’ll love you forever.

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