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Carly Pope is a sexy Canadian actress and his a great photo gallery of her best pictures. Pope started her career with several small roles, such as Disturbing Behavior, Snow Day, and Night Man, before being cast as Sam McPherson on the WB’s high-school drama Popular. After the show ended, Pope had several roles in film and television, including The Glass House, Jeff Probst’s Finder’s Fee, and Orange County.

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Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, Pope is currently attending university when her filming schedule allows. She speaks Italian, Spanish and French fluently and is seeking to expand her education in literature and languages.

On December 29, 2009, Pope and her brother, Kris Pope were driving a black BMW down West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver when David Fromradas, 31 of Alberta jumped on top of the car and yelled at them to run him over. When Kris got out of the car, Fromradas jumped in the front seat and drove the vehicle into the new CBC studios. Pope suffered a broken rib, and two cracked vertabrae, Kris suffered severe injuries to his ankle along with another victim who was a passerby.

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