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A Photo Gallery of Bristol Palin including Photos Pictures and Bristol Palin bio. Bristol Palin (born October 18, 1990) is the second child and eldest daughter of the 11th Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd. After Bristol became a teenage single parent, she began to publicly advocate abstinence for unmarried teens, and is now a paid speaker.

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When Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, in late August 2008, his advisers already knew of Bristol’s pregnancy, which they believed would be a political liability. On September 1, the opening day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, it was publicly announced that Palin was pregnant and engaged to Johnston, the father of her unborn child.

Palin joined the Fall 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars. Her partner is professional Mark Ballas, who is a two time champion on the show and has won with Kristi Yamaguchi, in season 6, and with Shawn Johnson in season 8. Palin’s first dance was a Cha-Cha-Cha to “Mama Told Me Not to Come” by Three Dog Night.

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