Things You Are Required to Have an ID for

Valid photo identification is required for the things that follow:

adopt a pet
purchase a home
purchase an automobile
purchase a gun
voter fraud Things You Are Required to Have an ID for
obtain a bank account
obtain a credit card
obtain a passport
write a check
make a credit card purchase
apply for a loan to purchase anything
to prove your age
to get married
to receive a marriage license
to drive
to buy a house
to close on a house
to get medical care
to get on a plane
to get insurance on anything
to get a job
to get a post office box
to get a hunting license
to get a fishing license
to get a business license
to cash a paycheck
rent an apartment
rent a hotel room
rent a car
rent furniture
rent tools and equipment
receive welfare
receive social security
receive food stamps
buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
buy a bus ticket
buy a cell phone
buy any antihistimine
go in to a casino
go in to a bar
go to college
have your water turned on
have your electricity turned on
have your cable turned on
have your gas turned on
obtain trash pick up service
pick up a package from the post office
pick up a package from fed ex
pick up a package from ups
pick up a prescription

Things you do not have to have ID for:


Having some form of photo ID is essential in our world today; you need to be able to prove you are who you say you are in countless situations. Why do liberals say it is racist to require identification to vote? By this same logic all these things listed here, as well as all the things I neglected to mention that require an ID to participate in are racist.

Everyone sees straight through this, even the liberals that are accusing others of being racist. Liberals have set up countless organizations to cast illegal votes on their behalf and a ID verification would throw a huge monkey wrench into their plans to steal as many elections as possible through voter fraud.

Remember ACORN in 2008?

We do.


Attorney General Eric Holder, who formerly made the claim that it was racist to require proof of identity before voting and filed suit against all states instituting voter ID legislation, now claims it would put an undue restraint on college students.

News Flash!

Eric, you have to provide a photo ID to enter college, you should know that since you claimed to have gone yourself. After providing this ID and enrolling in classes you posed for a picture for your student ID which is also accepted as a valid ID for voting. All college students have a photo ID. Eric Holder you are an idiot and after claiming black folks don’t have an ID, you might just be a racist. 🙂

By the way, isn’t this the same Attorney General that refused to prosecute the Black Panther thugs that we all saw standing in front of the polling areas with billy clubs?


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