Possible Casey Anthony Sightings

Possible Casey Anthony Sightings Photo Gallery

Casey Anthony’s Trial is over and Nancy Grace just can’t let it go until she finds another young girl that has killed her baby. They have resorted to posting random sightings of girls hiding their faces. They even have experts in body language and clothing anylize each sighting to decide if it is Casey Anthony or not and do their best to make it news.

Possible Casey Anthony Sighting at Terribles Casino in Las Vegas Nevada Possible Casey Anthony Sightings

I thought I do the same. 🙂 Here are some possible Casey Anthony Sightings from around the globe.

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3 Responses to "Possible Casey Anthony Sightings"

  1. Jan Reither says:

    How can you possibly call that killer bitch, Casey Anthony, a celebrity. If I were anyone that was a celebrity would really not like that at all. She is a killer, and I hope one day she gets hers. It may be from someone she doesnt know, or someone that thinks she is disgusting. I feel for her parents, George and Cindy. I just can not believe the jury panel was this rediculous. Well, hopefully one day, someone will give her what she deserves. I have kept on top of the trial and just can not believe the injustice. They say the prosecution couldnt prove that she was guilty. Her trunk of the car, the duct tape, the laundry bag….oh yeah, and not reporting her missing for over 30 days. My kids grew up in a time you really didnt have to be worried as much as now; but if my son or daughter couldnt be found after and hour or two, I would be crazy. What a horrible injustice for that little baby. Jan Reither

  2. Pam Dumont says:

    Case Anthony lives in Ocala, Florida. She has been seen many times at the Publix where my mother and I shop.
    Ocala is approx. 70 miles from Orlando where the crime took place.
    She doesn’t even try to hide her identity.

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