Milestones in Liberal Politics – Poison Light Bulbs

compact fluorescent light bulb Milestones in Liberal Politics – Poison Light Bulbs

Made in China - Compact fluorescent light bulbs

The recent laws passed against the production of the American made light bulb in favor of the mercury filled light bulbs from China is a direct result of Chinese donations to Clinton and Bush 2. It will increase their exports to America. First they sent us poison Chinese drywall, next it was the lead painted toys for our kids to play with, and now they will have the ability to put billions of poison light bulbs in our homes, landfills, and water supplies. Proves my point from a term paper I did in the 80’s, if you have enough cash to give to politicians, you can get Edison’s light bulb banned.

I would advise everyone to buy enough old-fashioned light bulbs to last your family for a couple of decades. I thought about how many I used in a year, which was about 10 and have decided to buy about 200 of them. 200 light bulbs are only about 50 bucks. 200 mercury filled ones will cost about $600. It makes good economic sense besides the health risks.

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