Power Rangers Actor Sentenced to Death

Skylar Deleon, a former actor on the children’s television series “Power Rangers” has been sentenced to death after California’s Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank F. Fasel imposed the penalty recommended by a jury.
 Power Rangers Actor Sentenced to Death
Deleon, 29, was found guilty of the 2004 murders of Tom and Jackie Hawks. The former actor had expressed interest in purchasing the couple’s yacht and during a test cruise he overpowered them and then tied them to an anchor and threw them into the Pacific Ocean, their bodies have never been recovered.

Skylar Deleon with his wife, Jennifer Deleon’s who helped murder the couple in 2004 were planning on living a few years off the murdered couple’s savings. His wife has already been convicted and serving 2 life sentences.

Fasel imposed the death sentence on Friday, ending a trial that began with the defense team admitting Deleon’s guilt yet arguing that he was predisposed to a life of violence because his father was an abusive drug addict and his mother had left him at an early age.

Skylar Deleon, 29, was hospitalized after he attempted to cut off his penis in his jail cell, in the mental ward.

The Orange County Sheriff’s department told the LA Times, “Somehow he got hold of a razor blade and tried to saw off his penis, but didn’t complete the job. We do known there was a lot of blood and it was quite a scene. But from what I know, he didn’t finish his task, and maybe it was too painful and that made him stop”.

Deleon is also accused of murdering 45-year-old Evangel Jarvi in Dec 2003.

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