CPS Abuse-Foster Parents Going To Jail

CPS Abuse and Two More Foster Parents Going to Jail in “Caged Kids Case”

This just in from the Cleveland.com News Blog….

Michael and Sharen Gravelle ordered to jail for ‘caged kids’ case

NORWALK — After battling to stay out of jail for two years, Michael and Sharen Gravelle will be behind bars Monday morning.
The Huron County couple gained worldwide notoriety in 2005 when officials raided their Clarksfield Township home and removed 11 adopted children after receiving a tips about the children being kept in what prosecutors called “cages.”

The case quickly gained worldwide attention and focused questions on Ohio’s adoption practices. The result: Parents can no longer adopt more than five children without being thoroughly investigated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

A jury found the Gravelles guilty in December 2006 on 11 of 24 counts of child endangerment and child abuse. They were sentenced to two years in prison. A judge allowed them to remain free while they appeal because he said Ohio child-abuse laws are not clear on what constitutes abuse.

The Gravelles said they built the enclosures to prevent the children from destructive behavior, which included eating things that weren’t food. They lost custody of the adopted children in March 2006.

Ohio’s 6th District Court of Appeals denied the couple’s appeal Tuesday. A Huron County judge ordered the couple to report Monday at 9 a.m. to the county jail.

Here’s an idea from the Angry Man.

michael sharen gravelle CPS Abuse Foster Parents Going To Jail

How about Foster Parents can no longer take more than ONE child without being thoroughly investigated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. No offense to the good foster parents that are out there for the kids that are truly abused.

I know thats a crazy thought but with the thousands of dollars in bonus money given to CPS to take kids away from parents and place them in foster care, they got plenty of cash on hand for investigation purposes. Why spend it all looking for poor parents to investigate? Kids are about 6 times more likely to be abused in foster care than with their natural parents. At least find foster parents that won’t treat them like dogs you money hungry SOB’s.

More on CPS Abuse.

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