New Tattoo For Poker Playing Mom Annie Duke

Poker pro Annie Duke is showing off some new ink. Her new tattoo is an inscription of her four children’s names. Duke has four kids – Maude, 14, Leo, 11, Lucy, 8 and Nelly, 7.
annie duke poker New Tattoo For Poker Playing Mom Annie Duke
As of 2008, Annie holds the women’s record for most “in the money” finishes at the WSOP. In September 2004 Duke won $2,000,000 in the inaugural World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions, a 10-player, winner-take-all invitational event. At the time, this victory was the most money paid in a single event to a female poker player. That record was broken by Annette Obrestad during the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.

Duke has won one World Series of Poker bracelet, in Omaha HiLo and more than three million dollars in tournament play. Nowadays she refuses to play in women’s only tournaments, saying that “Poker is one of the few sports where a woman can (More Annie Duke Photo’s) compete on a totally equal footing with a man, so I don’t understand why there’s a ladies only tournament.

As of 2008, her total live tournament winnings exceeded $3,600,000.

The poker playing Mom is soon to star on “Celebrity Apprentice” and has been promising not to do anything on the show that wouldn’t make her kids proud.

You can also see Annie get into it at the poker table on NBC’s 5th annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship in April.

I had the pleasure of meeting Annie in Las Vegas a couple of years back. I hung out like a stalker and watched her play a few hands of blackjack and roll the dice for a while.

You can catch her playing some online texas holdem poker on Pokerstars from time to time.

A Note from Annie

What happened after the last boardroom.
I know people are wondering how I could go from saying I respected Joan in the last boardroom to the private interview where I said she was not a nice person and she had made the fight personal for me. I am aware it seemed like a weird juxtaposition from the boardroom to the final private interview last episode but here is what happened in between.

I tried to extend some sort of “good game” to Joan. Just tell her I respected her for getting to the final two. And the video below is what a got in return. I particularly love where she says “I won’t allow America to hear it.” Makes that last interview of mine make more sense, I think.

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  1. Johan says:

    I am new to your blog and I do like to read it!

  2. biffula says:

    She promises not to do anything that wouldnt make her kids proud?!?!?!? Well I guess she’s failed miserably on that front. What a gunch she is.

  3. Paul says:

    Annie’s true colors came out tonight at the finale. She tried to bury Joan but failed. I havent heard the word “I” so much until i heard her speak about herself and how successful she was in her tasks; self praise is no praise dear. Had you shown a little humility, you could have one the whole thing; ) :

  4. cary says:

    She is certainly a very beautiful young woman, however, she is also a beotch! But I would “DO” her in a second!

  5. Thank you for the advice. Ir was really attention-grabbing article. Hope to read you later.

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