Casey Anthony’s plan to find Caylee

caseyanthony3 300x199 Casey Anthonys plan to find Caylee

Partying at the club a few days after Caylee went missing

Casey Anthony Now Wants to Search Privately for Missing Caylee Anthony & Freedom of Travel

After all this time stone walling and lying to police Casey Anthony wants to search for her missing daughter. Suddenly Casey Anthony is not afraid to search for Caylee.

Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008. Caylee was not reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, until July 16, 2008. Now some four months after Caylee Anthony initially disappeared, the mother Casey Anthony wants to search privately for her daughter and have freedom of travel to do so.

Casey Anthony’s attorneys want a judge to approve a request that would allow them to take their client to places “of interest” so she can help look for her missing daughter, Caylee They want to be able to do it in private and without public knowledge.

Right now, Casey is under home confinement and must obtain permission from the county jail to travel. Such requests are public record.
How insulting to our collective intelligence could this case possibly get?

After not searching for a month and hanging out in bars and dancing the night away Casey Anthony now wants to do special private searches. Isn’t that special. Her lawyer, Jose Baez, has asked a judge Friday that his client be allowed out of her parents’ Orlando house, where she is confined with an ankle monitor, saying she wants to help find the missing child.

Casey Anthony is now considers a suspect by police in the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Anthony and there are rumors that finally she will be charged with murder soon.

I got a great idea. Casey Anthony should hook up with OJ and they could search together for OJ’s wife’s killer and little Caylee.
No wait. OJ is in jail. Too bad, it was a great plan.

Casey Anthony Dancing Photo’s

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  1. Starr says:

    Whats the matter Casey? Bored sitting at home all day with the luxury of watching tv,talking on the phone, playing on your laptop?? Oh Poor BABY! That aint shit compared to REAL JAIL TIME BABY! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR ASS BEHIND BARS….

  2. redrum says:

    I hope they fry her!

  3. unknown says:

    she is real dumb how could she do that alot of people would love to have a baby and they cant and she is going around doing that

  4. unknown says:

    what a bitch

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